VML Whistler Retreat

Whistler Retreat

Get away from the city Get away from the bars

A casual and relaxing space to enjoy the company of other fetish Men.

VML Fall Whistler Retreat Coming Soon

 Come out and join us for our Whistler retreat. The Vancouver Men in Leather take over the Tyrol Lodge in Whistler Creekside to provide a casual and relaxing space to enjoy the company of other fetish Men. Whether it is your first time and you want to learn more or experienced and want to have somewhere to have fun without the worry about getting home afterwards, this is your place.

If this is your first time, don’t worry. You can watch or participate as you are comfortable. There are no expectations or requirements for the retreat. Come as you are, have fun, and join in as you like. VML is founded on the brotherhood first and foremost and everything else builds on that foundation.

We have equipment all throughout the lodge for all ( most 😉  ) kinds of play. Its more fun when you participate, so bring up your gear and toys. If you have equipment that you think would add to our event, we will be glad to help bring it up and back.

If you don’t find the right hanky, we have a large common space to socialize in and acres of private space around us. Take advantage of Whistler’s many amenities, or join us for outdoor events to take advantage of a rare space we have available to us.

We provide Fri/Sat dinner, Sat light lunch and Sat/Sun brunch. Bring your own alcohol / drinks.

Sleeping is bunk-bed style that is assigned first-come first-serve. You will need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bag and/ or sheets and a blanket and a pillow). For those who prefer camping outdoors, we do have space for tenting.


Room Layout


Upper and Lower Floors Layout

Rooms with (2) double-sized bunkbeds – sleeps up to 4 per room. [1,3,4,6,7,10,12]

Rooms with (2) single-sized bunkbeds – sleeps up to 2 per room. [2,5,8,11]

Bottom Floor Layout

All rooms have (2) single -sized bunkbeds – sleeps up to 2 per room. [A,B,C,D]

About The Lodge


  1. We are not to wear “outdoor” shoes in the building. If you need to wear something you can wear gym shoes [not worn outside], socks or slippers. No leather soles that will scuff.
  2. We have the whole place to ourselves.
  3. We can arrive after 2 pm (If no one books Thursday.)  I will update you if there is a change.
  4. We can leave anytime on Sunday. (If no one books Monday)
  5. There is a games room with pool table, Ping-Pong, and foosball.
  6. There are some board games but you may want to bring some.
  7. There is a nice deck for sun bathing.
  8. You may be naked anywhere – including the deck.
  9. There is a fireplace in the building we will use when it cools.
  10. All bedrooms have their own heat control.
  11. There is no air conditioning.
  12. I am told you can sleep anyplace you want.  ie, outside on the deck, in the games room, in the common room etc. just bring a foamy or something to sleep on.
  13. There is Wi-Fi!
  14. There is no TV!
  15. Bears are often in the area, so bring your camera. (4 legged bears)
  16. There are 5 large fridges for any food/drinks you wish to bring.
  17. There are 4 kitchen prep areas, (own sink, coffee pot, toaster, stove top etc.)
  18. There are two microwaves.
  19. There are two ovens.
  20. There is only TWO bathrooms  – 5 toilets AND one urinal.
  21. There are two showers, large enough for 3 to shower at one if you wish.
  23. There are 2- 8 persons bedrooms. (These rooms have bunk beds, but if you are friends the beds are bigger than a single bed and two can sleep easily in one bed.)
  24. The lodge is about 100 metres from the lake that you can see from the lodge.
  25. The lake is stocked and has very good fishing for those into fishing.
  26. There are three emergency doors PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THEM THEY ARE ALARMED.
  27. The bedrooms do not have locks on them.
  28. If you bring a lock you can lock valuables in a locker on site.
  29. We will play equipment available for anyone to use at your own risk. If you woule liketo bring up something that you think people will enjoy we gladly welcome the help. We have lots space to use
  30. The lodge was built in 1966.
  31. There is a landline for local calls.
  32. There is cell phone reception also.

What To Bring


  1. Sheets, towels, blankets, (or sleeping bag) pillow, soap/shampoo.
  2. Insect repellent
  3. Sun screen
  4. Walking shoes.
  5. Food for lunch (Saturday) and snacks.
  6. Alcohol if you wish.
  7. Maybe juice, water (if you do not drink tap water) etc.
  8. Swim suit, shorts.
  9. Leather, rubber, fetish gear etc.
  10. Bikes, board games.
  11. Flashlight
  12. There is lots of parking at the lodge.
"Kinky gateway from the city, with great people, great food (Thank You Terry)"
CEO Kinx Industriez
I'm new to Vancouver Men in Leather and didn't know what to expect at the VML Whistler retreat in June 2017. I discovered it has less to do with expectations and everything to do with environment -- a social, supportive, sensual, sexual, safe environment to try new things with my VML brothers (and daddies, and boys, and puppies, oh my!) More than the location and accommodation, more than the great food and fraternization, more than the devices and demos, the VML Whistler weekend retreat has encouraged me to explore, experiment, experience, and evolve! Thanks, guys.
Ken G
New VML Member