Toy Care 101

Care & Cleaning by Material

Sex toys are made of many different material, and while any toy can be cleaned with mild soap and water, some materials have special instructions. Many sex toys should be stored separately from other goys, especially rubber, elastomer and cyberskin which may read to other toys. If your sex toy came with instructions from the manufacturer, we recommend following those instructions. If your toy didn’t come with instructions, or you’re looking for more information read on. 


Silicone is durable, retains body heat, and is easy to clean. Silicone is largely hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and latex-free. While durable, silicone toys can tear, so keep sharp edges away from your silicone toys. Silicone toys without motors can be boiled. Never use silicone based lubricants with silicone toys.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Metal toys are great for temperature play – you can warm or cool them with water or ice. Metal is not damaged by contact with water or changing temperatures. Metal toys without motors can be boiled.

Hard Plastic

Hard plastic toys can be less expensive, and because they are non-porous they to be easy to clean. If a toy is dropped, check it for scratches or breaks before using it. Clean with mild soap and water and allow toy to dry thoroughly between uses.

Elastomer / Cyberskin / Rubber

Most elastomer, cyberskin, and rubber toys are phthalate-free for people who want soft, less expensive sex toys but are concerned about exposure to phthalates or latex. These sex toys are porous and cannot be boiled. For this reason it is recommended to use condoms on these toys when sharing. You may wish to lightly dust your cyberskin toy with corn starch to restore the velvety finish. All porous toys should be stored separately from all other toys. There are toys cleaners specifically sold to clean these types of porous toys.


Glass has a unique feel – smooth and solid, without friction. Never expose glass to extreme temperatures (do not boiled or freeze!) If dropped or mishandles glass can get scratched, chipped or broken. Feel you glass dildo o defects before each use. Glass dildos can be cleaned with mild soap and water, or rubbing alcohol (Be sure to watch alcohol residue off).


Wood is durable and dense and is one of the oldest sex toy materials around. Most wood toys are porous and can only be spot cleaned, while others have a non-porous protective coating that will allow you to boil and wash your toy.


Leather is a durable material for harnesses and other sex gear. Leather that comes into contact with billy fluids should be cleaned after each use. In most cases leather can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth and soap or disinfected with rubbing alcohol. Leather conditioner can help keep your leather soft and will help prevent cracking.

General Cleaning & Care Tips

  • Clean your toy before first use and after every use.
  • When using a toy in a harness, take care to make sure it doesn’t get cut by being forced through the harness.
  • If you use alcohol to clean a toy, rinse thoroughly after.
  • Let your toy air dry before storing it.
  • Remote the batteries from your battery-powered vibe when not in use.

Sex Toy Safety Tips

If you’re sharing your toy, or using it both orally and anally, put a condom on it to minimize the risk of transmitting infections. Cock rings should be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes. Remove immediately if experiencing pain or discomfort. Only use sex toys with flared bases for anal penetration. Toys don’t lubricate themselves! You may find that using a lubricant heightens your pleasure with toys. Be sure to reapply lubrication as required.

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